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                About sempoll
                — ABOUT US —

                WuXi Sempoll Bio-Tech Co., Ltd. located in Wuxi National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, is well-known institutions of higher learning institutions and high-end talent and returnees into the excellent assets and high-tech products formed, with strong technical force and personnel. The company is headquartered in Wuxi New District, in Yangzhou and Taicang chemical concentration area were built their own production base and extraction workshop.

                Sempoll Bio-Tech production of chiral amino acids and derivatives, while the development and production of pharmaceutical intermediates, food additives, relying on special biosynthetic technology, the main development of the baby to add high-end food amino acids and plant extracts of amino acids.

                Our products meet the USP AJI EP standards, exports to North America, South Korea, Japan, Europe and other dozens of countries and regions. Quality and cheap products and perfect service, by our partners a good reputation.

                Sempoll Bio-Tech by virtue of the pursuit of higher quality and advocating green business philosophy, in strict accordance with the national pharmaceutical GMP, HACCP, ISO9001, ISO14001 and OSHMS18001 and other requirements of the construction of plant facilities and standardized management.

                We are professional, dedicated, so worthy of your trust.

                • 2007Year
                  Established in 2007
                • 30%
                  Proportion of amino acid
                • 50%
                  Proportion of amino acid derivatives
                • 20%
                  Proportion of intermediate